Asks and Queries-Part 2

Continuing from where we left.

Do you know what the worst is?
– The worst is when you’re lying on the bed, with your hand daubing your mouth so that you don’t allow the cries to come out. The tears are running out onto your pillow and your heart is breaking and you’re thinking of everything that made you cry, and on the other hand is your heart or stomach because they both hurt.

Have you ever?…
– Like what? Have you ever just randomly started crying because you’ve been holding on way too many emotions and pretending to be happy for too long?

What makes you happy?
– Nothing. May be, cheeks.

How can you appreciate every second of your life and don’t care what people say about you?
– With saying that I’m okay, but in reality, I barely made it through the day. Because smiling is always easier than explaining why you are cringing with breaths. Knowing how back-breaking it is to get out of bed and act happy when all you could do is break down in tears. I hurt, I cry. But you can’t see the affliction in my eyes because I always fake a smile. And behind my smile, is everything you can’t understand.

Ever been sadder than reality?
– Somewhere ten months ago, I was trapped in a nightmare, so I opened my eyes and realized I was never asleep in the first place.

Love your writings, glad you are here! ☻ Keep posting and spreading love. ♥
– Thank you so much! ♥  Learning to live again.

You’re immensely talented and amazing in general, thank you for recording your words in the way you do and for being you. :))
– Thank you for existing. ♥

You are so great with metaphors and personifications and just words in general, I love the way you write.
– Thank you darling. I hope you smiled genuinely at least once today. ♥ By the way, I am not lovable in any regards.

I love you so dear much.
– It’s swimming with sharks, loving me. It’s self-destruction. Sharks die with rather deep bruises.

A poem for your darling?
– But we dance around words
like we haven’t broken our
favorite versions of ourselves
yet, we let silence burn gazes
for us & wonder why our feet
never fir back into
our dreams.

Why are you posting less frequently?
– All of the poetry left in me is in the places you never appreciated.

How do I kill myself without hurting anyone else?
– That’s just not possible, that thought alone kinda hurt me a little. Death isn’t the answer. There’s a lot more than pain and suffering. Do you have any little family members? Have you seen them smile or giggle lately? Their innocence – that keeps your inner child watered. You don’t have to hurt anyone. You don’t have to die. You just have to beat the hurt. You just have to wait out the stormy skies. Okay?

I hope you learn to find happiness where the flowers used to grow. I hope your lungs once again grow a forest, and I hope flowers sprout in your heart again. You deserve to smile today.
– That’s a fairy tale. Thank you. You deserve all the love.

And how are you today?
– Veins jolted. Breathing.

I think I made a mistake again and I don’t know how to fix it.
– Mistakes happen and sometimes they can’t be fixed. It’s okay. Breathe. It’s gonna be okay.

How long have you and your gf been together?
– What? Gf who? 😂 😂

What is that one line message you wish to leave for everyone?
– “Let’s not break each other”.

When I need him the most he ignores me. I need to leave and stop talking to him because it hurts but I always find my way back to him.
– Not all roads home are tread the same. Look after your heart first. ♥

If you waste your time loving, is it really a waste of time?
– Sorry for writing sad poems and love poems all of the damn time.

How do I get better at writing? I want to write like you 😦
– Don’t write like me. Be you instead. Fall in love with writing. Write from the bottom of your heart and never stop writing. I write 5,000 words a day, sometimes 30,000 or even 50,000.

Everything in life will either get better, or worse. And for you to get through it, you just have to prepare for both.
– That’s about life. Summed up.

What makes you feel the most beautiful
– My mom’s laugh.

What’s something crazy you did that you can recall of?
– Told her I love you n number of times in a single breath. Unrequited. Wasted.

It’s quite astonishing what that brain of yours can brew up. How do you manage to hold these thoughts and construct them into such a complex and exquisite manner?
– I am a robot. Very well programmed.

We love each other, but we have problems with showing our emotions. And we don’t exactly know what we should do.
– Love should be easy, but we over complicate things, and when it’s with the right person, showing affection is as simple as breathing. I do that.

What’s your favorite color? Why?
–  Black. So dark. So peaceful. Like the night sky.

How’s life?
– Life’s pretty good my friend.

It’s really sweet that you write poems for people.
– It’s really sweet of you to drop by. ♥

Why don’t you respond to all of the questions?
– I do, always. The ordering here might have raised a question in your mind. Most of the numbers missing here are either poem requests, anonymously asked personal questions, thanks giving or something of similar class.

Hey there!
– Hey!

Who are your favorite poets here?
– This blog is solely for WordPress audience. I admire two amazing writers on Tumblr.

He’s been my best friend for 2 years and he’s leaving me to travel and I don’t know how to cope without him.
– I know it seems hard, but maybe take this time to relearn who you are as an individual, remember how your own two feet work and when you two meet again, you can grow together from your experiences.
One day at a time, darling.

Do you plan before writing, or go with the flow?
– I do both depending on the situation. There may be some subjects that I want to write about that kind of prompt me to plan ahead, but other times, the more personal ones, are written while just going with the flow.

Do you often and prefer to write sober? Why or why not?
– I don’t remember the last time I wrote not being sober. Do medical drugs count?

Do you multitask while writing?
– All the time. Working on a projects, debugging, texting, music, or something else I should be probably be giving my undivided attention to.

What genre(s) would you classify your writing under?
– A wonderful mix of fiction and nonfiction hence the mystery 😉

Why do you write?
– Because the words won’t leave me.

You always give good advice. I wonder who do you go to when you want some sound advice?
– I have two.

I keep seeing people asking you to write poems to express their feelings (and I admire you for it – they are amazing poems). My question is when was the last time someone wrote you a poem?
– Yesterday.

This may be a bit rude, but could you write about you
– Let it be.


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