Asks and Queries

I would like to thank all my followers and visitors for their perpetual love. Over the months I have received innumerable asks and poem requests that I shall be entertaining as in when time permits.

I read all of your feedback, queries, asks, and requests made through Tumblr and here. Thank you to each one out there for your love!

Here, I’ll be answering some of your asks picked at random. 🙂
Responses shouldn’t really be relatable to me though.

Why do we fall in love with those who hurt us?
– Because if it doesn’t hurt maybe it isn’t real. If love is a song then I sing love to her every night, but she mistakes love for lullabies.

What inspires you to write so much?
– We only know the pain we’ve felt.

Am I half of a whole without him?
– You should always be the whole to yourself before anyone. That’s a really important realization one should have. You are a half of a whole without yourself too.

When somebody asks me for help I always say yes, but sometimes I just feel like saying no because I’m tired of doing things because of people and not for myself. Is it selfish to think that?
– We are all selfish in one way or the other. But I think you’re right, sometimes you need to do things for yourself.

What is your MBTI?
– INFP – The Mediator

I shared you with everyone I met, told them about the light of my life.
– How did it pan out?

I used to wish that I was born without my limbs, my heart, and my skin; because they told me that people will love you more if there is less to love.
– Life is a letter that’s as long as infinity itself. People don’t love you for who you are, they will always love you for who they think you are. Every interaction makes a subtle change.

Everything is moving too fast and I’ve never liked speed. I’m living off self-made artificial euphoria to fill this emptiness in my heart. I plan to disappear. How do I learn to forgive myself?
– There is dirt stuck in my lungs, clobbered veins. I have filled this chapter of my life with a ton of music, enough poetry for two lifetimes of rue, share some smiles to every person I meet, laugh like a beast would. Try yours.

Do you ever get the feeling of walking away from everything and everyone?
–  How many stars out there in tonight’s sky?

If I let my suicide conviction take me home, where would it take me?
–  Maybe to someone’s lap, or to the comfort of someone’s warm chest.

May I ask you for one last thing?
– If it’s okay, I would like to ask for something too.

You wrote a poem that inspired me.
– You’re so beautiful.

Is it possible to rewrite a story long spoiled and learn to love again? To take something and turn it around, to see beauty in what was once pain?
– If the sun can rise and set every day, if it can create a future every day, why can’t we? Just make peace with your past. Let it pass.

Hello. I’ve read some of your work before and it’s helped me a lot. I just recently went through something I can’t get past.
– Life keeps you on different tracks through its course, mentally, physically and emotionally. We humans are designed to bear anything. Go have a shot of chilled soda. Keep it plain.

Yes, I do hope that every person finds peace within themselves and happiness in their lives, I really do. I’d go through Hell and back to ensure your happiness because I need that just as much as you do.
– I will give you a little hug.

He’s so introverted that he breaks through everything when he looks at me.
– Introverts make unique lovers.

The pain… Will it ever go away? Can you ask it to take the emptiness too? Cause I can’t take it anymore.
– Until it hurts to the point where destroying a piece of yourself feels fucking okay, it’s never going to end.

Great little poet, God help me. Keep writing poet, it keeps me breathing.
– There’s only one person that calls me the little poet.

I’ve been speeding through red lights just to remember the rush you’d give me every time you’d touch my skin, nothing compares to the feeling you give.
– This made me feel light ♡

How do you know when your significant other has fallen out of love with you? – You kinda just know, like the fact that you’re asking this question says a lot.

I more than fucked up, now I feel stupid. Why would I do this?
– If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not learning. You’re not growing.

You’re the reason stars look pretty & I’ll never stop looking up.
– That helped ♡.

I just want someone madly in love with me to touch me like they mean it. It’s been so long. Needy.
– A flying kiss to your reflection? By the way, here’s a hug.

So, are you sad about being happy? Just because you cannot write anymore? If you can write this good when you’re sad, just imagine how awesome would you be when you’re HAPPY?!
– I’m sad because I’m empty even when I’m happy. Kidding, I am not sad.

I’m falling apart because nothing is going right anymore. Things were supposed to look up but I just keep falling lower and lower and all I can turn to is crying and I know it’s not the best thing but I feel like it’s the only thing that calls my uneasy mind. And I just wish I could stop hurting.
– A wise man said something today and it resonated so well that I must speak it to you. We’ll always miss something about someone. Even if sometimes that person is you.

How do you have such good humor yet can relate to everyone on such a deep, and personable level? Sometimes I wish I was you.
– Clearly, I don’t see myself on that list.

Do you see the abandonment? Can you tell how many people have come just to leave?
– Despite how much I try and conceal it, can you see that I’m just a deserted town that others pass through just to get to someplace better?

You’re pretty.
– Yeah, pretty pathetic.

What’s so much about veins and lungs?
– Sometimes you fall in love with a substance and nobody can replace the feeling it gives you.

What’s love to you?
– I answered this on a momentarily thought the other day. It’s the feeling that makes you want to put everything aside for that one person.

It was my birthday yesterday. Will you write something for me, please?
– Inbox in 15 minutes.

How long do you wait if you have no idea what you’re waiting for?
– I am just in touch with someone with a superhuman gift.

I just want to be somebody worth keeping around.
– Stop looking at me like that.

I hope she can feel it when she touches you.
– She never does. It’s great anyway.

Sometimes I feel like life is just passing by and I’m really getting nowhere, maybe fear is my drive to do something that I don’t love at the expense of something that I do – I may be living my life backwards.
– Don’t forget to fear it with every beat, sometimes it just doesn’t know how it’s doing, or even why it’s doing it , it just does. You cannot feel everything around you, including yourself.

Poem about feeling empty and dead inside but you don’t know why?
– On the way.

I don’t wanna go home, I’m too scared to die. I don’t wanna go home, can I stay the night?
– Can you bear some extravagant silence?

You are the nicest person I’ve ever met, is that possible? I’ve asked you so many questions and you seem to always know what to say. Thank you.
– Probably not. But thank you, and thank you for existing with me. ❤

I used to compare everyone I met to my ex, they never came close. But I realized I needed someone better than that, and now I have that someone. And I feel like I can put all my broken pieces back together again.
– I’m happy for you.

How do you find love ?
– You don’t, it finds you.

I don’t love you because you’re broken. I love you because I’ve never seen you as anything else but healing.
– Although I take all of these drugs, somewhere behind my empty eyes I guess I’m just terrified and kinda lost– there’s irony behind the context of every poem even if I lose my way and never make it home tonight.

Here I am letting go of something that I never thought I could let go off.
– It’s really really fucking hard to let go off.  Life goes on my dudes.

How many blogs do you have?
– Inbox.

How do you comfort a friend who you are uncomfortable around, but they mean a lot to you? And they think they mean nothing to you.
– You know something? I felt that if I listen more often than I wanted to talk, all of my problems would be solved. Works like a charm. There’s only that one person I speak my heart out to.

You’re incredibly talented and your words make me feel something, something deep inside me that I never knew existed. Honestly, your words have opened up my soul like a rose opens its petals. But, your words are quite powerful, and I must ask: What great pain have you experienced to make you write such hauntingly beautiful poems?
– Hallucination and some greats forms of it. Practically, pain in all forms, all at once.

I’m not angry with him anymore, I’m just sad. I miss his presence, I want to take it all back. Everything we said to each other that night, I wish it would disappear.
– You can’t go backwards, you can only go forward. So tonight, you wallow and tomorrow we’ll try again. The best thing you can do for yourself is love yourself. Be the person you need out of love instead of looking for that piece in others.

I want to give you love and take away your sadness.
– What an exquisite time to be alive with you.

Do you still believe in such cruel and lovely things like our hopes and dreams?
– There’s nothing else to believe in. I risk it all.

Here I am laying on my bed, dreading the next four hours I will spend in a testing room, dreading that fact I’m going to fail, dreading the rest of my life.
– Even if you fail, you are not your failures. You’re the here and now. You got this. I believe in you. ❤

I’m sorta lost again. At 24, I’m still lost. I don’t think it’s love.
– It’s just you and man-made rain.

Sometimes I just want to text you and tell you about how much I love you because you’re so damn beautiful.
– It’s black magic.

What’s your current mood?
– Some minds are better kept apart.

Do you ever just wanna fly.
– Why else do I write poetry? To soar.

Do you write poetry on your follower’s ask?
– Taking poetry requests ♡

I feel like everyone hates and anyone I will ever meet is gonna hate me.
– Hey, hey, hey. I don’t.

It is 3 a.m. and I am smoking on my porch and tattooing stars onto my lips. Maybe it’s because I’m a masochist, I can’t help it, I keep writing about you.
– About me?

You’re a beautiful person.
– What is the definition of beauty?

What do you mean you want to turn it into a poem. I’m not sure I understand lol. It was about you and how you affect people with your poetry? Sorry if this is annoying, I’m kinda slow sometimes.
– When did I say this? I’m slow too. 😂

I hate relationships, why they can’t be real? Be truthful?
– Because humans are cursed to understand complete pain before we can grasp the concept of treating each other with kindness.

That’s that for today. I’ll try answering more of yours soon. Requests and asks are always welcome. 🙂


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