There isn’t any other misadventure like traffic,

it’s such a strange happening,

it’s like the vicissitude of seasons,

we are imposed to be around one another

in the midst of rush to our terminus,

ironically, that is how the accident



It’s like being to your best friend’s party

but losing them to the horde,

to the noise,

to the bass of ear-splitting music,

you are not alone,

but in the multitude

you can’t help but feel alone.


You could well be seen as a party pooper,

stop lights, blowing horns,

introverted tendencies that

loves people,

but you’re left petrified

of public interactions

because of your social anxiety disorder.


Put on your helmet,

or fasten your seat belt,

and stow your phone down.

Observe. Observe. Observe.


It’s all about observing,

it’s all about outlook,

it’s all about perspective.


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