Underscore _N

Watch it closely,

I am always where

the sun doesn’t shine,

the tear doesn’t show,

won’t even begin to hurt me now,

’cause all has been brutal.

It won’t show,

never will.

I constantly lose the remorse,

all of my remorse,

and it’s three for the shepherd

and it’s one for the sheep

and it’s ten for the wolf

who led by a leopard,

often gave his perception

as a handle for life retaining weapon,

took a bite of your apple,

giving you all I can offer,

now I am revolving in the trapped

changing maze,

setting my soul ablaze,

denying the control blaze in the pace.

Where is this going?

Heartless recklessness, it is

a tragic series of words of a pacifist

to the words of whipping off the map,

my Lord I spoke

to a knight templer,

he said he would save you

from one thing,

what is that thing I have been pleading?

Man, it is the real key to Eden.

Well, yeah.


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