Timeless Pieces

Hoping you to be happy now,

someplace happier.

I have always put everything I have

into everything I do

and if it is not enough,

it’s honest for me to break.

If there aren’t enough tears


my words and your heart,


my cleanest break and your smile,


my pieces and your first burst of laugh you gave today,


my ocean of pieces I have collected and your colors


my hug left for your voice,

denied for all the highs that feel like you.

We met in the middle of a name,

I never meant to cut this scar,

I will never let it heal.


My darling,

lows are built to outlast the rain,

every time I see you

everything else fades away.


Your storm is some kind too loud

and your aura is the soft rain

which always leaves me

truly happy.

You really know I love you.

Don’t be so critical of yourself.


I will never run short of

things to write about you.


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