A letter from 28

Dear Pristine Vicinity,

  1. I hope she reacts well to your inclinations. I used to love someone like that too. I hope that she loves you back. I hope you are happy. Or happier than what you write like.
  2. I just want to love too. I believe that’s the way how soulmates work because this life is far too short to be stuck at one station, but one person at that station could change the whole perspective you have about life – one person is all it takes to filter up the fuel of rest of your life with passion.
  3. It is always worth expressing. It is always worth the rejection. We were built to break and rebuild. Sometimes that is the way in and that is the way out. Timing is everything. Timing is everything…if she doesn’t think she met you when she was ready, she will never be ready for someone else when he is ready for her.
  4. Love is love, right? Either they’ll break you apart or keep you together. It is such an odd article. Dying and living in a simple circle of endless edges.
  5. A book by the end of this year is bound to happen for you. You write crazy amazing.
  6. I am from the darkest corner of your thoughts. I am the Sun crawling in your dull curtains. I am your cup of coffee that now deserves a fuck ton of sugar.
  7. My mind too, is kinda bloody broken. Me too, am kinda pretty messed up sometimes.
  8. This thing that you possess is not talent, it’s your freakin’ hard work. Don’t confuse the two. I am sure you weren’t born with this. You will die with this. I will ink my whole life with your words.
  9. You have a peach of a heart. You love her enough to allow her to grow without you with your simple realizations. And this heart of gold that is beating inside of you only grows fonder.
  10. I know you never quit writing. I hope she is reading. I know she is reading. She is always reading.
  11. I think we all are in dire need of some assistance, we wouldn’t always make it alone. Go out. Make some friends. They will help. I promise.
  12. You will eventually figure out the truth. I promise.
  13. I am sorry I can’t answer. How would I be answering if I am clueless myself. I am just another human, just like you.
  14. We are all missing someone. We are all in need of some outlet. I am glad these writings flood yours.
  15. I hope you are physically fine, if not emotionally. When you remind me of the nerves, the blood, the lungs, the broken ribs, it’s delicate.
  16. I don’t know what your language of words speaks sometimes, but I know it’s beautiful.
  17. Some nights, you need to fade away. If you want to be nothing, just fade. It’s the easy way out.
  18. You chose to live, that’s commendable. Always is. You have tons of variations in your writings. I figure that it isn’t just about your love, you are cracking the nuts of hell. Yet you chose to live, that’s commendable. Always will be.
  19. If the lives that we are given is a garden, you are the rose. A little thorns won’t ditch your beauty.
  20. Thank you doesn’t even start to explain your contribution to my survival.
  21. Fear is too powerful to keep you motivated. I have never met someone as fearless as you.
  22. I think you don’t want it to end and that’s why you write. You should keep writing. Because, one day when you will be no more, she might and she will – read it all. Again.
  23. I am sorry. I am not her. How can I possibly give you some little hugs?
  24. It’s hard to backtrack all the way, too.
  25. It ends when you have given your heart out. For nothing.
  26. They say we are all unique. But you are some gem.
  27. I hope I could call you some day.
  28. You can call me 28.
  29. I am a robot.
  30. Pick yourself! Always. There is so much more out there.
  31. There is nothing wrong with writing. Keep writing. Keep writing, you gem.
  32. Take your runs more often. Artificial lighting can hurt. The sun is so much better.
  33. Falling in love with your friend? Best friend? That sounds just the most terrific thing, to be honest.
  34. What a mystery you are.
  35. I understand. Just give yourself a little more time. Hold on. Fasten the grip, tighter.
  36. Sometimes people are just as lost as you are. She might be, too.
  37. I know empathy is a bitch.
  38. I know her smile, the way she smiles, it’s like every bullet you wouldn’t wanna miss.
  39. Hold her hand and call her yours.
  40. Wish you amazing health.
  41. I love you.
  42. I love you both.

Dear 28,

Let me sink that in.
You will be fine, whoever you are.
I would love to talk to you.
I am glad I have helped you in some way.

Thank you, 28.
It’s an amazing world.


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