Version 3.0

Have you seen the

lightness leave his eyes,

have you seen the

brightness leave his smile,

have you seen the

darkness staying for a little longer than a while.


On point-blank,

we can never win against ourselves,

we are designed to break a bit of ourselves.

Some pieces we let away willingly,

some pieces we trail behind unknowingly.


Bruised, battered, broken,


forming a page for life,

you haven’t dealt with me before.


There was a note for you

that was left behind,

left it there waiting for you,

for such a long time

when an evident swelling tear

in the eye could be felt in the nerves.

By the time you get to read it,

I wouldn’t know if I am alive still.


It has always been hard to

not speak openly to you,

I wish I could have given you


I cried in the hospital room

when there was no one else

but you

somewhere in my mind.

I am tough cookie to push away,

I promise I’ll see you in paradise,



The multiple intensity punches

right on the face

have only made me,

what I am today,

version 3.0.

For a star to be born,

a nebula must collapse.

Must crumble.


You never really know what you got,

until it’s gone.

The story ends without a sequel.


P.S. – Peace.



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