World Cancer Day


A dedication to all those battling cancer, the survivors and their families.

You can beat it. We can beat it. We are one.

For you to remain here

for another year

is my sole wish.

If I was forced to lose you

I would not know what I’d be

I would not know what I’d do.


Your forever smiles

have always illuminated the

shadows on this gloomy place.

Your love that you shower

and the way you try make me see it.


You will always be let

to be the delight of my life,

that spark buried deep in your eyes

gives me sheer happiness.

Holding you in the little moments,

comforting memories

to the time of mourn.


It’d hard to believe the time

I wish it never comes,

the time for you to leave.

I would hope to feel you as

my last touch.

I will miss you so dear much.


If it happens to end with a goodbye,

all it would leave behind is my cry.

Watching you go

would splinter my heart with ache,

with sorrow.


The pain in your eyes,

the slowly rolling tears,

they would never refrain.

But I would do all my shares

to free you from your pain.


I am here.

We will kill this thing

before it can kill us.


You are extraordinary.

You have immense perseverance

in spite of all the challenges

and the overwhelming obstacles.

Fear doesn’t own you.


And I pledge,

you will always have me.

Help prevent and fight cancer.


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