Let’s talk about heavens –

Would we get to eat fruits in there?

Are the trees there different from this place?

Do the people there get to ride motorbikes all

day long without fearing an accident or cops

for over-speeding.

Do we have genders there?

How about love?

Do we get to fall in love there?

I bet we do!

Does Cupid write love letters for everyone?

I know he sucks at delivering them –

He always has, he always will.

Oh my Gosh!

There must be music up there.

There must be a jukebox around every corner.

What about racism?

That’s unreal.

Are there airplanes?

And religion?

Maybe, there’s freedom up there too.

Every epic, every God must be having a place up there.

Oh well, do we get to have a look at the sun?

Do you guys need good nutrients there too?

Who’s the Shakespeare in heaven?

Does he leave poetry unintelligible?

Do love stories have a happy ending?

Do the stars look prettier up there? –

Like we could just float and hug them close.


Anyway, I’ll still miss you.

No matter from where,

here or up anywhere.

I’ll still write about you.

I suck at singing,

but I’ll sing for you.

There will be our night –

I’ll hold your hand

and you’ll hold mine type of night.

I’ll write about you until the last night,

whether it’s too soon

for being too long now.

Time is timeless up there.

I am very certain of it –

very sure of it.

I am very sure of you.

I have to be,


Almost forgot –

I love you.


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