Peace to you!

I heard someone say that when you’re

falling in or out of love,

every song on the radio is about you.

The same goes for this awful wonderful

experience that relates to your moment.

You could be dying and there isn’t a damn

thing you can do about it.

You can cry in the grass,

with the deepest feeling

and you know,

you only have the loyal air

which wipes your tears every time.


It’s time for the results,

the much awaited agony

spelling results.

It’s so scary,

You’d be lying to say it’s okay.

“Very sick” has always been

a code word for dying.

You may seem to be broken,

but my dear, you are not.


I know you have had a terrible battle

and there’s more packed up ahead.

It’s a horrible balancing act.

Nobody tells you that a lot of things

are over.

Your friends will never understand

that you can’t be honest anymore,

about most anything.


You have attacked this with a brutal will.

I have seen you all in a stew, helpless.

Who’d understand this better than you,

this has filled your life.

It never leaves your side.

It sucks.


I know you feel like just

physically curling into a ball

and snuggle the ones you love.

My dear, you’re mighty,

you can take anything and everything

they throw at you.

Don’t let anyone

tell you otherwise,

it’s obvious they have not met someone

as strong as you.

This will get better.

Don’t fall

because pain is temporary

but letting yourself die from it

is permanent.


You will have that amazing call coming soon,

so go out,

get a little cycle on the way.

It’s recovery time!



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