This velvet, morning sky

stretched in my wake

for your deep, colorless ocean –



A change in the season,

keeping my head held high

while you kept it low –



Grabbed your hands

and pressed the soft soul on it,

like it was never shattered.

Making it feel –

a broken tea cup.


Winter gripping the skin,

kissed my attractions for you

but robbed my eye-sight

for watching you leave

when you are still here in

a disguised, personalized way of your own-

I could not see the theft.


These hardened spirits

frozen as ice,

provoked me to think

how nice it was

and it is for you

to prepare me

for this season –

worst possible way.


A blistering cold night

with lost all sense of

fatal distractions,

struggling to see the knife that

slipped through the whites to

the depth of this black heart,

all the way through the rib cage

to the aerobic canal –

the cut wasn’t deep enough,

the snow was just too deep.


Could this last forever?

The moment when I am alone.

Pondering. Thinking.

Wondering. Yearning.

But eventually resisting the breaths.

Cloudy eyes don’t surprise

anymore –

Cheeks paving a fall for the 

rainy weather.


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