We fall down many a times

and when we fall down,

it’s hard to get back up.

When your knees speak in

bruises and scrapes.

When your heart is tender to

art and love.

When you knock on

every door

and finally someone rejoinders.

When your tears have

finally learned to smile.

When you remember to walk lightly

at the same spot

every day,

so that you don’t stub your toes.

When your hands learn

to let go a little more

because the reflex is to

grip a little tighter because

you’ve been strong

all along.

When your love continues

to cherish

what they did for you versus what they did to you.

When you tie yourself to

the linchpin,

there is no such thing as drowning.

When your stories start to match

your emotions,

your feelings.

When your poetry starts to match their lightness-

I feel that’s when you realize

that it’s done.


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