For Us Two

You’re the reason stars look pretty,

you’re the reason days so bright.

You’re the reason wind so still,

you’re the reason fog so pleasing.

You’re the reason smile so genuine,

you’re the reason to never hang up first.

You’re the reason to write,

you’re the reason to hope.


These little memories

slowly undoing me.

Lesser seconds spent on dead objects.

Unrequited love-

like a small stomach butterfly

that lost oxygen.

The tales of long nights

inside of tiny pills.


I need

you to be here.

Not the words,

not the coffee,

not the poetry,

not your consistency.

Just you.


And darling,

as long as I have you,

I barely care who stays.

There isn’t much to say as of now,

nor will there ever be much to say.


You’re the heaviest of winds,

we will fall to meet inside every wind chime.

The sounds we leave behind

will forever placate the humans.

I am so weak to you.

I am so strange to you.

Someone still so new to you.

Someone who gives you the kind of heed

the florist gives to the flowers.

Time after time,

you’ve been nudging at me.

You were so much better without me,

you’ve been so kind to sustain me.

Keep it low,

this heart can’t take anymore.


I tried organizing these words

into a poem

that makes sense,

but all I did

was a jumble of metaphors


a try to hold on to myself.

I don’t want to disappear,

because something tells me

that this time,

I won’t come back.



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