Core Owed

Sometimes when I can’t sleep,

I turn on the rain sounds to help-

I have a hard time making friends now

and it’s not that I’m shy,

I guess I just don’t trust people.

I have my hands on my keyboard half of the time,

scratch that, maybe 99.99% of the time.

I am tired of bullshit and simple how are you.


Maybe you really do care,

maybe you don’t.

I am never in the mood to find out,

I guess I really do shine at this.

There’s less anxiety involved,

no trust factors,

like the sound of the soft rain,

our silence from the simple words on the screen,

to our simple giggles,

it gives me comfort,

sometimes far better than the real life experiences.


The introversion betrays me,

I love people,

but my senses are so drained and heightened around people nowadays

that it’s hard even to trust own self.


I guess I’m just free falling with the weather,

sometimes I just want to be alone and being this alone isn’t so bad

once you’ve made friends with your own shadow.


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