I have filled this heart with things I couldn’t love.

They say that when you break, the cosmos follow.

That’s when the word empathy comes into play.

Won’t you attempt to feel my torment?


I couldn’t appreciate the tomorrow that wasn’t promised, so I put my faith in today and prayed that yesterday wouldn’t take me away.

I’m nothing novel. Nothing under the sun is.

Every word I jot down has been written before. I am a writer born in the wrong era. I’m a human that’s more robotic than a metallic heart. You can pump poetry into my brain, but the poems, they’ll always read the same.


I ran out of meaning to give to this story. Under the tears, I saw a reflection. Although, it wasn’t clear and I am void…

I still try to open up. I am scared to be left solus, so I push people away. I hate sleeping numb lone, so I don’t sleep.

I write about love, but love doesn’t know me. I knew love would stop pressing those light butterflies deep inside of my gut.


The only things I hate in coffee is the sugar and the sleep I won’t be getting.

The only time I sleep is when I’m completely empty, sometimes- not even that.

I glanced for my perfections within my flaws. I mistake my regrets as lost happiness.

I’m a golden fool, still digging for enshrouded jewels. I am the walk. I am the skate. I am the floorboard. I am the ship. I am the pirate. I am the ocean. I am more than such words.

I am more than such suffering, such agony.


I have filled this soul with my glass, with my chalice. Won’t you break it with me?


They say that I love differently. They say that I have a gift. I have a way of saying things.


Look, you’ve never seen my lungs.

When I scream, empty is the sky and dark is the might.

I make the stars hide.

I’m not a good person, I know that. I am someone else.


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