My Truffle

If I am the air you breathe,

if I am the beating of your heart,

then you’re the winter I survived,

then you’re the book I’ll never put down.

If I am the words to your favorite story,

if I am the meaning they couldn’t give,

then you’re spilled ink flowing in my veins,

then you’re every ‘I love you’ I’ll always say.


If I am the lyrics you couldn’t write,

if I am the heart you couldn’t break,

then you’re the song I loved first,

then you’re the soul I’ve painted gold.

If I am a rose,

if I am the thorns,

then you’re the flower pet,

then you’re the florist.


If I am the only way you want you to love,

if I am the only value of little hopes,

then you’re the only thing beating in my chest,

then you’re the first time I’ve played an instrument.

If I am all that you claim,

if I am beautiful in any way-

know that it’s because of you.


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