Christmas Letter

As the things flip out to be,

with the fading memory,

like, Cognitive Dysfunction? Dementia? Chemo brain? Amnesia?

I don’t remember everything about you,

and one day I may forget the little important pieces of you.

How you stretched my heart and asked me to tell things to you,

how you opened up my soul and the jar it was.

The fireflies, they’ll remember your name even if I don’t.

That’s all I want for Christmas.


I just want you to be okay,

I just want it to be okay.

I know that diseases are inexorable

and old age comes to all,

and one of those is not time bound.

Quietus will greet us like an old friend,

quietus will kiss us soft,

we’ll forgive, I’ll forgive,

and from the past months what I’ve known of you,

I know you’ll forgive, too.

We won’t wait for an apology to forgive.

I know it hurts, darling,

I know it hurts.

But, I love you.

All of you.


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