He could feel the ache months before,
it was only with each passing day
that the things started to unravel.
One after the other,
to complete an ever incomplete bunch.
September of ’16, the most dreaded of all.
He had to make a decision.
To try to revive and possibly risk breaking every bone,
every tissue of the body,
or to just let life take its course,
pass in peace.
All on his own.

Sometimes, you could be weeping you know,
like crazy.
Tell him everything you are grateful for,
thank him for every little moment he gave you.
The sad thing about it
is that you’ll realize
that this was the only time you did it,
you never did it before.

You never told him how much you love him,
you never told him anything until that moment.
A kiss, and a goodbye.
You’ll never hear his footsteps again.
It could be over.
He could be gone. All and forever. So say it all.

He taught things,
how to love,
how to be kind,
how to be real,
how to be genuine towards people,
living simply.

It is an amazing experience, all this pain,
it totally changed the outlook of life.
Feeling loved at all times on his own,
back on his feet without fear,
smile on his face.
He might put his selves down at times,
but he enjoys life to the fullest,
completing his bucket list.
It’s time to shine!


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