A Daunting Task

There’s this thing that struck me lately,
that created a foundation for everything
that has come through in my life since then.

Anything that we do,
comes with two choices,
there’s the option to go all in with it,
or to walk the line, hedge your bets,
and people so often leave or quit when something becomes challenging,
because there’s another door they left open.
There’s an easier way, an escape.

But, let me put you to test your own self with this,
tell me, do you think if it was a life or death situation,
say, you need water for survival,
would you give up after looking for an hour or so, coming empty handed?
Well, of course not.
You will keep looking because your life is dependent on it,
and because there’s no other option,
no other choice available.

This is exactly what I am talking about,
the commitment.
It’s not until you are truly committed that things truly begin to happen,
begin to change that progress is made at the highest level.
You simply cannot stealth the way to success.
You can’t sneak up behind it.
You have to own it, right.
Go after what you want,
like the world is on fire,
like your universe revolves around making this happen.

In my 22 years of existence,
I have never seen a lion walk up to a gazelle and hope that it falls over,
it attacks it with everything that it has,
with speed,
with strength,
with tenacity,
that’s what brings home the prize.

If you and your goal aren’t one,
if they’re not the same
that’s a pretty good indicator that you’re fighting the wrong fight.
You should live and breathe your dreams.
Inhale and exhale them, they should live in the forefront of your mind,
where every thought that comes through your head
should be in the context of that dream.
That basic question, “how bad do you want?”
If you’re not willing to fully commit to dive into something,
then you’re already out of the gate.

You can talk about hours spent, routines, habits,
but if you aren’t passionate about what you want,
if you don’t immerse yourself in it,
none of that really matters.

Live how you need to live,
do what you need to do,
be who you need to be,
to make it real.
Fully commit to excellence,
because if you don’t do that,
you’ll be left with only a vision and false sense of reality.
Winners don’t have time for that.

Set your mind to your target and crush it.
That is the only option.
Show the will power.
The commitment.


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