Last Wish

He had the courage to live a life true to himself,

he had his work existence,

he had the valor to express his feelings,

he invariably kept close to his friends,

never had to wish he had let himself be happier.

Regret is a word in the vocabulary of the weak.

He was a change, so much.

He cherishes every moment he’s living,

because now he’s looking at life like never before,

because he’s living it.

He has no fancy demands,

only a gentle request,

one last wish.

Don’t cry when he leaves,

cry not for once, shed not a tear.

Rather celebrate,

celebrate the fact that you had the chance to know him ever so closely.

Don’t dwell on his short stay,

for it may have been short

but certainly memorable.

Just one last wish,

don’t cry when he leaves.



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