Sleepless Night

Can’t sleep so I tumble

over and over in my bed.

Can’t find a spot that’s comfortable

to put the thoughts inside my head.

I toss and turn and close my eyes

but mostly think of the rectitude.

Thinking maybe the fortunes are tumbling

awake in the bed too.

Can’t sleep so I tumble.


Awake and aware

that everything I say or do

I know that you don’t care.

You are not listening though I shout,

you are not seeing it in my eyes,

though all the things you stress about

I listen to every time.


Can’t sleep so I tumble,

into the black void of the night.

Hoping maybe that some star

will shine on me some light

‘cause all i feel is dark and cold

in my veins and in my heart.

Don’t quite know why that is,

but it’s tearing me apart.

Can’t sleep because I struggle

to fight off the dark and cold.

I shiver ’cause it’s winning,

taking over my whole soul.

Can’t sleep so I tumble,

until the sun brings me back to life.

I’ll put on a mask and smile

to hide my sleepless night.



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