The cow says “moo”,

the sky is blue,

the bird flew.

Moo, blue, flew.

“Poetry has to rhyme”,

says who?

Poetry isn’t about rhyming,

and it isn’t about timing.

Poetry is about expressing our inner thoughts,

drawing lines and connecting the dots.

Our students say:

“I hate writing poetry”,

“I work too slowly”,

“But I’m not feeling lonely”.

All words spoken rather woefully.

Yet, we still feel the need

to let rhyme take the lead.

And if our words don’t rhyme,

we feel….


Well, that’s supposed to say shame,

but I couldn’t find a rhyming word to claim.

The bottom line is that we have the right,

not to fly a kite,

nor grab a bite

in the middle of the night,

but to freely write,

without having to fight

with words.

Originally posted on Tumblr.

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