God’s dearest

The world is so full of people,

yet so full of loneliness.

On a dead winter night,

with a bottle of nausea,

the light, some light, will shine,

fading out.


Meeting so many new faces,

old faces,


In a town far away,

in an educational institute

with all the lobsters lacking the bases.

In a long walk

with a peacock feather,

and the trauma.


But how can you be lonely,

when you’re God’s own child.

He loves you,

he’s calling you.

The difference here is daylight,

no imploring.

You’re God’s dearest friend,

he’s missing you,

he’s calling you.


But you’re water,

you’re magic,

and water can exist longer.

Like it always has,

in the purest form,

like the Ganga held safely in Lord Shiva’s topknot,

calmly trapped,

letting out in streams.


God’s shelter is the most sound place.

You’re his dearest friend.


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