Who am I?

To my parents,

I am the golden child,

smart & motivated, a bright future ahead.

To them,

I’m still so young.


Yet, not afraid of any power in the world.


To my sister,

I am a closed book

full of secrets I keep close by,

tucked away under a smiling pretence.

I can’t open up, as hard as I try.


To my friends,

I am an optimist,

ready with a smile everyday

but my heart is always elsewhere,

stuck in towns hundreds of miles away.


To strangers,

I am a mystery,

quiet, shy to some,

afraid to stand up and say what I feel,

that’s why they’re strangers.


To that old new one,

I am a muddled dream.

Hopes and emotions,

smiles and fighting fortitude.


It’s the penultimate sore blood.

Dollar bills are never enough.

The ship will sink.



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