Remember the day

Muscular back,

rough chin,

bright eyes,

charming smile,

loving heart.

All my love I give to you.

Remember the day,

you asked of me my heart’s desires.

My last breath stolen by your kiss.

Pulling me close,

ensuring me your touch would free my confusion,

and lift my heart.

Remember the day,

beloved colors,

treasured sweets,

favored films,

were but a simple chat between two.

Yet, we learned more and more.

As each shade of violet,

aroma of chocolate,

sounds of laughter passed by.

Eyes soon  linger on my lusty flesh.

Stubble grazes my cheek.

Surrendering to my own weakness,

and his power.

My mind wanders,

my heart floats into clouds.

Touch me softly,

squeeze me tightly.

Kiss me passionately,

love me continuously.

Originally posted on Quora and Tumblr.

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